A Meditation on the Twelve Step Journey

Living & Loving: Life Together as Christ’s Family
– a series of informal gatherings @ St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Marco Island, Florida in the Willis Ministry Center, Fridays at 10:00am
Facilitator:  Jean Hite, Summer Seminarian

The topic for the first meeting on July 1 is:
Sharing our Faith, Hope and Love, 12-Step Spirituality

“The 12-Step Wisdom is, without doubt, a work of the Holy Spirit, and will go down in the history of spirituality as the specifically American contribution to spirituality.”  (Fr. Richard Rohr, Franciscan priest, retreat leader and author)

What can the Church relearn about the Gospel from 12-step spirituality – and how can the Church stand prepared to welcome and nurture recovering seekers in grounding their lives in the Gospel?

Have a look at the meditation and the 12 step handout for the gathering and ome share your “experience, faith and hope . . . and love!”

Greetings to all – – – especially to St. Mark’s “Northern Lights” – – –  Peace!

Jean Hite, Summer seminarian intern

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