A Visit with Julian of Norwich

A reading from Julian of Norwich (ca. 1342-1416)
Revelations or Shewings of Love, Chapter 83

. . .

I had a partial inspiration, vision, and sense of three properties of God

of which the strength and outcome of the whole revelation consists

(and they were seen in every showing, and most particularly in the twelfth,

where it was often said, “I am He”):

The properties are these:

and light.

In life is wondrous familiarity,
and in love is gentle courtesy,
and in light is endless kindness.

These three properties were seen in one Goodness,

to which Goodness my reason wished to be one-ed

and to cleave to it with all my might.
I beheld with reverent fear
(and greatly marveling at the sight and the feeling of the sweet harmony)

that our reason is in God,

understanding that it is the highest gift that we have received,

and that it is grounded in human nature.

Our Faith is a light, naturally coming from our
Endless Day—that is our Father, God;
in this light our Mother, Christ,
and our good Lord the Holy Spirit

lead us in this passing life.

This light is meted out prudently,
faithfully remaining with us as we need it in the night.

The light is the cause of our life;
the night is the cause of our pain and of all our woe,
on account of which woe we earn endless reward and favor from God,
for we, with mercy and grace, willingly acknowledge and believe our light,
walking in it wisely and mightily.

And at the end of woe, suddenly our eye shall be opened
and in clarity of sight our light shall be full.

This light is
God our Creator
and the Holy Spirit
in Christ Jesus our Savior.

Thus I saw and understood that

our Faith is our light in our night;

And the light is God, our Endless Day.

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