About Jean Hite —


  • is a Priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Southwest Florida
  • is a graduate of The General Theological Seminary, M. Div., 2012
  • has served as an intern and spiritual director at St. Clements Episcopal and The Church of the Epiphany Episcopal Churches (both NYC)
  • has a special affinity for the ministries of reconciliation and hospitality
  • has a special affinity for things contemplative:  readings of the mystics and early church fathers.
  • spent some time in the Episcopal monastic Order of Julian of Norwich; is currently affiliated with The Sisters of the Love of God, a monastic order in the Church of England in Oxford, UK
  • in a “previous life” was a clarinetist and pianist — teacher and performer, with a Master of Music degree; co-founded a small entrepreneurial business in music merchandising and publishing

Resume June 2012

OTM June update


One Response to About Jean Hite —

  1. Sandra Kirby McLeod says:

    Looking Good, Sister Jean. When are we going to get together? Sandra

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